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​Industrial thermal insulation with FM and BS1DO fire resistance.

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Get the best protection for your company’s key areas.


Assembly accessories for panels and protections.

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Our panels are manufactured by our group company:

You can find all the information about the manufacture of our panels in the following link:


Your safety and that of yours is important to us, which is why all our products have the corresponding certificates, guaranteeing their quality and their processes.

Innovative insulating power


A good system is essential to achieve optimal insulation performance and greater energy savings.

At SINTEX we work on innovation and development to offer solutions that respond to the new needs in insulation and fire protection, with sustainable, durable and completely recyclable products.

Giving us with its products a response to current problems such as energy consumption, the reduction of CO2 emissions, the safety and well-being of people with non-polluting materials and processes.


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