Protections and Safeguards

What are SINTEX protections used for?

SINTEX industrial protections are designed to protect those critical points within industries, which are often accidentally damaged.

(Walls, doors, limited areas, pillars, corridors, entrances, etc.)


Our R+D+I team?

The R+D+I team at SINTEX has the objective of developing technologies to obtain new products, materials or processes, which, added to the experience that supports us, allows us to continue designing and creating new solutions for your industry.

We use the most advanced tools to develop new models and efficient protection systems.

The plastic industry continues to innovate. Tailor-made solutions must always be a combination of several factors: excellent functional behaviour, long life and technological progress.


Benefits of our products

SINTEX protections are designed to prevent the accumulation of water, thanks to its rounded cap and O-rings.

They are suitable for all sectors.

It does not require maintenance and its anchoring system prevents soil breakage in case of repair or replacement, providing us with a benefit at the construction and economic level.

Their easy assembly and low maintenance make them the protections of the future.