About us

SINTEX is a leading company in the manufacture of sandwich honeycombs. Working in this area led us to know the needs of the different sectors, which is why today we have a wide range of products and services designed to help our customers.

We are backed by more than 25 years of experience in the sector of manufacturing specialized materials for the food industry.

We are continuous panel manufacturers, which gives us extra knowledge when it comes to using the best materials available on the market. PIR panel (B, S1, D0) and F.M

The quality of our products and the human talent we have, guarantees us the best result.


SINTEX is in continuous evolution also in the material manufacturing processes. incorporating automated machinery so that its manufacture is more precise, making its quality increasingly higher.

An innovative joint system with an innovative triple tongue and groove and a perfect profile that is achieved by means of a unique final grinding on the market, ensuring once installed, an insulation with a perfect thermal barrier.

Our commitment

The panel is a precast specially designed for construction. Its continuous manufacturing and its special design of the refrigerant joint guarantee a clean assembly, without the need for elements other than the insulation itself. All our panels are manufactured in our group company PAP (Paneles Aislantes Peninsulares, S.L), located in MONTALBO (Cuenca).

In all the decisions since its inception, they have been made to create innovative products in their essence with a clear objective: to respect the environment and promote sustainable development.

All PAP products are manufactured following the criteria of modularity, design, quality and competitiveness, guaranteeing the strictest compliance with international regulations and current legislation on the environment, safety and health.

At SINTEX, we support this initiative and share the same commitment.

Take care of our planet.